Why Do You Need A Wedding Coordinator?

Photo credit: Bloc Memoire Photography

Photo credit: Bloc Memoire Photography

People often don't understand what Holy Moly does when it comes to wedding day coordination. What's the difference between a wedding planner and wedding coordinator? We get so many confused couples that come to us who don't understand what a day-of coordinator is and how it will benefit them.

Most couples don't consider hiring a professional to plan their weddings, but what they don't realize is that partially outsourcing the planning through a wedding coordinator can help save them time, stress, and even money. 

Still, do you really need to hire one? Read on to find out what a wedding coordinator does.

We help spark joy in your wedding prep

We are inspired by Marie Kondo's minimalist approach too - and seek to streamline your wedding prep with our experience.

We provide personalised vendor recommendations by meeting with a couple, learning their wants, needs and budget and a bit about their personalities. We know which talented vendors would be best suited for certain concepts while maintaining everything within the given budget. That way, you can plan your own wedding with more guidance, knowledge, and a directed focus in the months leading up to the big day. We'll advise you how to stretch your budget because we know what's going to have more impact so you get a bang for your buck ;)

We’ll help with the coordination 1 month before the wedding and function as the main point of contact on the wedding day. This gives us time to tweak any details, follow up on loose ends and give valuable last minute recommendations – saving much time and effort, so you have more time to bask in the happiness of getting married! 

Reality check, weddings don't just 'happen'

Ultimately on the day-of, vendors need direction, hotel staff need direction - a coordinator needs to be onsite overseeing the set up, so that nobody in the bridal party is on their feet for 2 to 3 hours prior to the wedding running around trying to get everything looking perfect. Someone needs to make sure the music is cued, photographers are in position, the venue/catering team are on standby and you have everything you need before your march in.

If you may, think of a day-of-coordinator as wedding day insurance

No matter how well things are planned and confirmed, something will go wonky on the wedding day. An experienced wedding coordinator will handle any hiccups in such a way that you and your guests will never know anything unusual happened. It might be that the sound system isn't working, wrong seating layouts, tight turnaround timings, missing pens for the guest book, the DJ playing the wrong song, or the weather causing havoc. Without a coordinator these things become the responsibility of the couple and their inner circle and detracts from the things they should be doing, like getting ready.

We understand how weddings should flow  

A schedule and floor plan vetted by an experienced coordinator will help ensure an event appears to flow effortlessly. For example, if you booked a photobooth or coffee cart but position them away from the entrance, and no one informs the emcee to make announcements to usher guests there - wouldn't that be such a waste? Or if your distressed bridesmaids rush the photographer because "we are running behind schedule!"— on paper, but that additional 5 minutes could be crucial to capturing the best moments of the day, without actually jeopardising the actual flow of the programme. Sometimes the simplest (and smallest) parts of the wedding day can be easily overlooked and neglected but even the most seemingly insignificant can make a huge impact on hindsight. Spending huge sums of money engaging the best florists and photographers can go to waste if things are not properly organised.

We offload the stress on your bridal party or helpers  

If you're going without a professional, you still need to put someone in charge of day-of tasks. But you have got to understand that this is not the person's profession—don't expect everything to be 'perfect'. I've lost count of the number of times brides have told me that they spent the day rushing through the decor set up as bridal party helpers, or grooms sitting at the AV console, rather than enjoying themselves on their own friends' weddings. Often one of the biggest regrets couples have is attempting to do so much DIY and relying on family and friends to take care of the small details leaving little or no time for their loved ones to enjoy the wedding day themselves.

You get to focus on what matters 

We always hear from recently married couples that in the final month before the wedding they are so exhausted they just wanted the day to be over. Bringing on board a wedding coordinator to help does take some of the workload off your hands, so that you can get that bridal beauty sleep you need. Or to focus on doing things that really matter, like spending quality time writing your vows and speeches instead of rushing them while doing your makeup on the morning of your wedding. We want you to enjoy every second of your final wedding preparation!

Here at Holy Moly, we offer actual day coordination and partial planning packages with the flexibility of additional service options as we move along, which gives you the freedom to pass on the torch when life is calling for your attention.

Our wedding planning packages are designed so you can choose as little or as much involvement you require from the services we offer — consider it a pay-per-use concept where you can decide how much professional help you require in the area of planning, especially when you're confident you have the styling, programme run down and logistics in place but need assistance to ensure the day runs smoothly and that everything you've planned is executed properly.

To find out more, drop us a line at our Contact Us page!